Welcome to Chill Out Bean Sprout!

After we moved to beautiful rural Devon, with dreams of living more self-sufficiently, we began our seed-selling venture which germinated out of the experience of running a couple of eco-product shops and cafes in Bristol and organising an artisan food market in Bath.

Our attempts to grow veg outdoors were defeated by wildlife and extreme weather so we turned to indoor seed-sprouting. We found sprouting requires only minimal effort and is the ultimate convenience food! With just a jar and some sprouting seeds we always have a plentiful supply to hand. They are raw, delicious and brimful of nutrients. 

This type of indoor-gardening offers a quick succession of easy-to-grow sprouts with predictable results, all year round. It has become our daily mindfulness practice, a joy to come into the kitchen and see our countertop full of jars and trays abundant with gorgeous greens.  

Chill Out Bean Sprout is our little online shop of seeds and equipment for sprouting – a home growers solution to a bit of self-reliance. Choose a jar and some seeds here and happy sprouting!

Alex and Ant

we are licensed to package and sell seeds within the UK. APHA seed license#: 7929